Thursday, 12 March 2015

The Fostering Team - who are they?

The Fostering Team is the leading alternative for parents and families seeking a new approach to foster care. Based in Manchester with connections throughout the United Kingdom, The Fostering Team maintains a deep commitment to finding the best solutions for children in need of a safe and nurturing, family environment. Their service is built around a community of caring people whose centre is the children themselves. They distinguish their company from other fostering programs by exercising responsive action when it comes to the care of children rather than relying on reactive policies after the fact. This pledge allows them to promise quality decisions and sensitivity when it comes to the care of individuals.

This team is composed of the most nurturing and dedicated individuals who are at the front of their profession. Their experience is enhanced by a personal dedication to each child that is proven to make a real difference in the system. The qualifications of their team members includes experience working with local authorities, residential services, possessing voluntary-agency backgrounds, and number of other positions associated with child-care services. The Fostering Team also focuses their efforts on cases that may be deemed difficult by other agencies. They take pride on providing outstanding service in regard to teenagers and their caregivers in addition to caretakers for children possessing special needs.

The support provided by The Fostering Team goes above and beyond that promised by your typical agency of this nature. They work closely with local authorities, providing out of hours services. Representatives regularly visit foster homes in the evenings, listen to the concerns of children, and provide support to caretakers at whatever hour it is needed. They experience continued success by relying on a small, family-oriented team that exercises regular communication and a proactive approach in order to discover family solutions for every child in need.

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